Pininfarina revolutionizes coffee and vending machine concept

By Silvina Rodríguez Pícaro

A new vending machine for the pleasure of the five senses.

Curves attract attention! That is why they sell! This fact is something every good designer knows. Following the increasing trend in design, of creating curves, and organic shapes, and also including details to attract each sense, Pininfarina’s team designed a Coffee Vending Machine worthy of the best industrial design. Yes, Pininfarina, the same designing team of automobile body works such as Ferrari, Alfa Romeo or Maserati. This machine with a similar look to an ultra-modern ATM and with an ergonomic design. A true pleasure to admire. A design milestone that can be destined to creating a new trend towards more elaborated proposals which generate consumer experiences, involving the five senses.

More and more companies strive to provide a better user experience
with vending machines, especially considering the rising cost of wages
and space at the point of sale.
The vision of integrating the best in each industry has allowed Costa,
the second Coffee chain at a worldwide level*, to create Costa Express, a premium self-service machine (vending machine) that stimulates senses
and interacts with the user in a smart way.

Through the touch, the consumer interacts with an HD touchscreen of
27 inches which allows the selection of the beverage in an interactive
way. With a pleasant interface in which the user can promptly immerse in
the variety of options offered (more than 250 types of beverages). The
British company Atomhawk created the interface design (the same Study
that worked in the movie Lord of the Rings).

From the flavor, the machine uses the same coffee that the brand
branches, and also uses fresh milk, to ensure that the experience is
similar to the one the consumer receives at the traditional stores. The
sound is enveloping, Costa Express has a powerful loudspeaker that
recreate the noisy sound of a Cafeteria. eMixPro Experts (that used to
work with the Rolling Stones) created the soundtrack.

In this integration of the senses, the smell, was neither left aside.
They worked together with Givaudan, Swiss Company number one in the
industry, to produce a variety of aromas that replicate sensations from a Cafeteria, making the scent also a leading actor in this 360 grades

This powerful self-service machine, Costa Express, will enable the
brand to be present in more markets, more channels, and especially, in
high traffic places with an appetite for high-quality coffee. Currently,
there are more than 4.000 units in operation and, for sure, we will
soon see more of this smart machines in airports, train stations,
hospitals and offices. Without any doubt, this gem of good industrial design will generate many sales and will be the leader in the vending machines category. A new paradigm and a new level of excellence will be established. Good design also sells coffee.

Published in Foro alfa.